October 2nd, 2002

the only earth?

aren't you excited to read about what i did today?

Instead of checking out another potential class, I decided be at peace with my schedule. I went downtown to get a bagel and to do some work. That went well, and then it was time for a string of meetings. One ended early, another - a presentation about disease associations using haplotypes from SNPs - went longer than expected, and I had to leave journal club early to go to the GPSS executive committee meeting. Big fun Wednesday.

When I got home, I found that my tickets to the Dave Eggers appearance at Elliott Bay arrived. Very last minute. Tickets in hand, I bussed my way down to Pioneer Square. At the store, I saw Ed who was ticketless in the overflow area. Since no one else had jumped at the chance to go with me, I had an extra ticket. Wow. For a minute, I almost felt connected.

The reading was very entertaining. Dave read some stories written by kids at the Hutch School. One student read his own piece, and then Dave read a few sections of his new book and answered questions. He talked about 826 Valencia and the pirate supply store housed in their new San Francisco headquarters. Because my pre-ordered You Shall Know Our Velocity hadn't arrived, I felt compelled to wait in a huge line to buy a copy from the store and have it signed. This decision pretty much guarantees that my order will arrive tomorrow. When this happens I'll need to consider going to his appearance at the University Bookstore to complete some sort of freakish groupie trifecta.

So. If anyone wants to read this book, let me know because it's really likely that I'll have an extra copy sitting around.
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