September 30th, 2002

i am not a stuffed tiger.

back to school

Even though I don't have class until tomorrow today felt very official. I guess it's coming back from vacation and realizing that I'd been procrastinating about several things.

I haven't really decided on a schedule yet. Instead, I'm going to check out a few options tomorrow -- nutritional epidemiology, english 355, and pathobiology -- to see if any of them will work. If at least two of them look good, I could limit my class schedule to Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I also realized that the AHA conference is very soon. I need to deal with travel arrangements, make a poster to present, and get everyone's signatures. I feel suddenly rushed but that's probably a good thing, not panicking.1

Tonight, I think I'll go to the bookstore to hear A.M. Homes read[nevermind: started 10 minutes ago. Anyway, I'd feel weird going and not buying and I really don't need extra reading material right now.]& Dante's for a little bit since one of the potential classes starts at 8:30 AM

(1) isn't that spelling funny?
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