September 21st, 2002

the only earth?

a post from yesterday

On the airplane, I sleep through the meal service. To me, eating on airplanes is absolutely the worst part of air travel. When I wake up, I notice that my breakfast meal has been left for me. Though I had breakfast before flying (how else to pass the time at airports and when else to go to Burger King?), I investigated the special bland meal. The only content of interest was
the single serving of reduced calorie blackberry jelly.

Immediately following the message that it contained 80% fewer calories than regular jelly was a message that saccharin, the artificial sweetener used to reduce the calorie count from 35 to 5, was known to cause cancer in lab animals.

Thirty calories for potential cancer? I feel very out of touch.
the only earth?

last nite

I arrived in Raliegh on time and Jenna was waiting at the airport. Cindy and Brad were already at Jenna's apartment waiting for us. We had a few minutes to look at Jenna's prize-worthy scrapbooks and then it was off to the Flying Saucer (even though Brad kept calling it the UFO).

The point of the bar is for regulars to consume 200 varieties of beer. They track it with a computer and membership cards - very high tech. A couple of Jenna's friends were waiting for us and a few others were late. We had a flaky waitress wearing a tiny camoflauge T-shirt with the words "Beer Hunter" printed on the front. Cindy wanted one now that her last name is Hunter.

Some funny things happened and there was some drama. I can't really remember the specifics. Anna, a friend of a friend, kept guessing that the music being played was the Hives. Oh well, she's going to see Spoon this week so I can't hold it against her.

Today, after a slow morning we're making the drive out to the coast! From sea to shining sea indeed. Whee!
the only earth?


Someone in Jenna's neighborhood, "preston" has wireless! I'm now installing OS X updates.

Oh well, wasn't yesterday Pirate Day?
the only earth?


Hi -

Does anyone want to see Dave Eggers (the author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, editor of McSweeney's) on October 2 at Elliott Bay Bookstore at 7:30?

Would anyone be willing to pick up a free ticket for me (they're free at the store)? I really want to go, but tickets weren't available until today and I'm out of town until next Saturday night. I'm just paranoid that all of the tickets will be gone by then. I'd be willing to compensate you for your time by buying you a book or something!
beach, outside


after a slow morning, Jenna and I make the long drive to the outer banks. For good measure, we stop at Taco Bell. What road trip would be complete without generic foods?

On the way, we pass cotton fields in full bloom. I don't think I'd ever seen that before. We thought about stopping, but decided that might not be a good idea.

When we arrive at the beach house, Rhiannon, Matt, and Fred are already there. They drove through the night and killed time eating at a restaurant with a rude sweaty waitress. They found out about psychic vampires and physical energy vampires. There is a class in the area that teaches all about these dangerous creatures. This will be a recurring theme ...

Four of us drove the the local food lion for grocery shopping by committee. I can't recommend this experience highly enough.

When we got home, we realized that we had lots of food that we didn't want to eat. Another tragedy -- we accidentally purchased jelly instead of jam.

While we were drinking and playing trivial pursuit, Aaron arrived ahead of schedule. We made a dent into the alcohol supply, went swimming in the pool, and spent much of the evening in the hot tub. This caused a lot of water to exit the tub.

the first draft of this was typed drunk with eyes closed. sleep now.


everyone here has had a internet journal. only one has been discontinued. at full force, 6/8. i think that only aaron and i are potentially updating.