September 3rd, 2002

the only earth?

some sentences about yesterday.

So the last day of Bumbershoot was pretty good. A little wet, but still nice.

I met Rachel, Charles, & Elena on the over-crowded bus. Rachel went to see Luna and the rest of us headed to Wilco. After about a half hour, Charles & Elena were ready to leave to see the circus. I walked down to the field because music is much better when you're standing. And Wilco was really quite good from the stands. After some text message hunting, I found Joe and Amber also on the field.

Our original scattered group met at the circus and went to the EMP to hear Gene, a UK pop group recommended by some newspapers. They played some decent songs about standard pop music situations like breakups, etc. After the show, it was raining and we rushed across Seattle Center to watch the Fire Circle breakdancing. Talented dancers, though I was disappointed that there was no actual fire.

I think the wet weather made indoor events premium attractions. We tried to see comedy and short films, but both had hour-long lines. Elena and Charles went home, Rachel & I had some roasted corn, and looked at some art. By that point, Rachel was ready to give up; so I met Joe & Amber again.

We took the big steps to the EMP and saw suburban kids, professional raver kids, small children, and even a cane-using woman dancing at the electronica showcase. Then it was time to go to Key Arena for Blonde Redhead. Danny & Patrick were there. Blonde Redhead avant rocked. Also in attendance: a weeping girl, emo sweaters, and freak show guys. Kazu Makino [center] was wearing a veil, very Madame Psychosis of her.

It was Chris's last Monday at Dante's. A cake was decorated, pink shots were consumed, pizza was delivered.