August 29th, 2002

the only earth?

god this post sucks.

I started the day with cereal and yogurt. O.K. That is stupid, but I was really thrilled to find that there was still edible yogurt (blueberry!) in my refrigerator. Yes, it is time to go to the grocery again.

All morning, I was really was under-motivated. Taking a step toward doing something, I met Ellen at Evan's since she was leaving and had an item for me, Fraud by David Rakoff. After a little bit of mourning, Amber took me downtown to work. This seemed like a good idea.

However, I mostly talked on the phone (my mom called) and on the computer. Then Jenna told me that the VMAs were on the MTV, so I decided to go home and surrender to my laziness. So far so good: highlights include all kinds of jumping, Rudy Guiliani calling J. Lo "Jennifer", Eminem getting booed and admitting that MTV "made him somebody."
the only earth?

memory lane

I talked to my sister tonight. It's her twenty-first birthday and she's in a loud place where many people are buying her drinks. It really takes me back to my own landmark entry into the world of legal drinking which was pretty much the exact opposite experience.

Nothing says twenty-one like a co-op board meeting.
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