August 26th, 2002

the only earth?

sleep now

Jaguar is running happily on my iBook and almost everything is re-installed. I opted for the clean install and even added a little partition in case I feel ambitious and want to try the Linux. It was a little scary to have everything erased, but so far my backup seems successful.

Hmm. iJournal is now infected with the brushed metal look (I don't think it's related to 10.2).

In the little bit of use, I like the new tweaks to the OS. I'm almost looking forward to my daily dose of spam email on my pilot account to see how the new junk filter works.
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the only earth?

today's monumental progress

So I have trouble with dates. Every year, I think that my sister's birthday is two weeks after mine. So, I'm always caught off-guard when it's time to send her birthday presents.

I resorted to novelty gifts from the Ave since I couldn't think of anything in particular to purchase. That's what she gets for not maintaining a current online wish list!

The post office was really busy. Several people were sending giant boxes across the country, so the post office was really busy. But it still seems pretty magical to me. The employees are really nice and they give you free boxes and packing materials; so I have no complaints about lines.