August 25th, 2002

the only earth?

off track

Last night was Rachel & Niki's "It's One Week After August 17" party. It was pretty good - lots of people, various flavors of vodka, a bathroom attack moth, an army of killer spiders. I let Niki extinguish the candles since I'd already had two cakes in the past week.

Today, I started the afternoon by calling the family today to catch up, which is mostly them telling me random things and me making sounds of nodding and smiling. Later, I ventured to the drugstore and remembered that today was the last day of the gene(sis) exhibit at the henry. I went in to check it out and mostly enjoyed the exhibit, some of it was a little goofy, but it was good to see an artistic perspective on genetics since my undergrad was mostly all the science side of genes. Though I was really disappointed that the glowing bunny (Free Alba!) was not on site, they had a lovely picture of a fatmouse.

After the museum and purchasing of sundry items, I passed the University Bookstore and was drawn in to buy Jaguar and the new EndNote, which has been causing me anxiety for months.

After having a falafel sandwich from the gyro-cery, several good things happened at Solstice. First, I got a free Vegan muffin for being nice to the barista, then they started playing Neutral Milk Hotel, then I saw Doug & Paula, and finally Brendan appeared. Wow.

So for my big fun Sunday night, I'm going to do some installing of software.
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