August 24th, 2002

the only earth?

this is about friday

Went to the office thinking that Bob Kaplan was going to give a talk about PTCA in NYC, but that is next Friday. Since i was there, I stayed until it was time to have my hair cut. Dylan, my hair cutter, sold me some new product to deal with my shorter hair. I feel like the kid in Shampoo Planet when I look at my counter.

Thanks to wireless technology, I was able to gossip with Jenna while walking through downtown Seattle, which is always fun. When she chastised me for "always shopping," 1 I reminded her that I can't wear CDs.2

At Carole & Paula's wine party, a woman was doing a palm reading. Reader and readee both appeared to honestly believe in what they were doing. I wonder how that feels.

(1) this is completely untrue
(2) this is only a matter of personal preference
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the only earth?

this is about the date and bumbershoot tickets.

8/24 is not included in "before 8/24"

I don't know how I failed to miss this. I was very very close to several western washington starbucks today. Actually, I work in the same building as one of them.

The four-day pass now seems much more attractive. Especially since I was just reminded that 764-hero's show on Friday is their last ever.

However, finding company for all four days may be a challenge.
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