August 15th, 2002

the only earth?

xanax please.

My birthday is Saturday. The official birthday party won't be until next week since everyone is out of town this weekend (Niki's birthday is also August 17 so she needs to be at the event).

Rachel is trying to make a plan for the few people who will be around (mostly because I'm terrible at planning group events). The tentative idea is to go to the Fremont Outdoor movie, "Some Like It Hot." Is some other great thing happening on Saturday that I should consider?

I'm not really a big fan of celebrating my birthday, but lately I've started to panic about having nothing to do on a Saturday that also happens to be my birthday.
the only earth?

consumer culture

Walking across campus this afternoon to pick up a prescription1, everything felt really quiet, like Girlfriend in a Coma, where most of the world just fell asleep at the same time. Am I evil for thinking that' might be nice?
I sat under a tree by the HUB to read some of McSweeney's on one of the few remaining patches of green grass in Seattle 2. I stayed for a while, until it looked like the people who hit each other with sticks were reaching a quorum. If the kid whose pants were actually sagging below his buttocks didn't kill the tranquil mood, the medieval fighters definitely would have.

At home, I conversed with Jenna with the wonderful world of instant messaging. I tried to multi-task and play Scrabble, but I kept losing when I'd get caught playing fake words.

I met Rachel & Pancho to see Y Tu Mama Tambien again. Mostly because I was bored and getting out of the apartment and interacting with other humans sounded like a good thing. Before the movie, we had mojitos at Ruby. If you're in the area and need a perfect summer drink you're really doing yourself a disservice if you skip the opportunity to have one for the low price of $3.

On second viewing, I tried to pay more attention to the actors and the scenery instead of the subtitles. The movie felt more heavier or more depressing this time.

On the way home, I dropped in to Tower to buy some CDs to appease my craving for new music.

(1) Claritin-D. I've been out for a few days and am starting to wonder whether I really need it. Maybe it's still hanging out in my system?

(2) I am conflicted about the grass situation. I am not a fan of mowing the lawn, so I should like the dead brown maintenance-free grass situation. At the same time, I can't deny the goodness of soft green grass.
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the only earth?


You can listen Spoon's new album before it's released. Still, I'm a little sad that they're not stopping in Seattle for their tour.

Maybe a drive to Carrboro, NC during the trip to the Outer Banks?
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