August 14th, 2002

the only earth?

3 parts

This morning, I looked at a couple apartments and went to the Biomedical Research Integrity lecture since the people who pay me to do research require that I attend. The speaker didn't have much to say. His main point was don't fit the data to your ideas, fit your ideas to the data. Which is nice and all, but I can't imagine that a forty-five minute lecture really changed anyone's perspective.

In the afternoon, I went downtown to work in a climate controlled setting. I am completely weak, but the warm weather seriously impairs my ability to think.

I met the Maltby family for dinner at Tango and ice cream at the Mix. They're in town for the Junior League Softball World Series and were nice enough to drive into the city to buy me food! We mostly caught up on other people's lives.

Our heat wave is their reprieve East coast weather.