August 9th, 2002

the only earth?

oh boy.

Nick finally had comments for me on my thesis today, so I went downtown to talk to him & to eat a bagel since I've run out of breakfast foods. He didn't have anything dramatic to say -- mostly the same as others: apply the machete. It looks like I'll be able to finish in time to be done by the end of summer.

I think this is a good thing,

I'm going to have dinner at Flowers with Rachel, Carole, and the guy who lives in Elena's shed. Strange.
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the only earth?

guilty pleasures

After dinner, we walked up the Ave so the movie-goers could get their tickets to see Signs. Kate & Carole gave their leftovers to some homeless people, partially to be nice and partially to avoid carrying it into the theater.

Since they still had some time before the movie started, we went to The Mix for some unnecessary calories. I was far too ambitious in my selections and couldn't finish. Now that my stomach is full of ice cream and polenta, sleep is starting to sound more attractive.

Right after I overdose on MTV's corniest Canadian import: Undressed.