August 3rd, 2002

the only earth?

i am so rad ... it hurts

walking home from the party, i saw these cool people breaking an entire tree in half. yeah. nice. mostly, it was just this one guy who thought it would be fun to lean on this innocent little tree until it broke. how rude.

the party was good fun though. ellen and amber escorted me around at the beginning so that i would know people. after that, melissa dragged me around by my prep school tie for some dancing to daniel & joe's mad dj skills. outside, shimmying of many varieties, X marks over nipples, cartwheels, frozen hats, penalty shots, and other hijinks could be found. toward the end (of my stay), eggs were prepared by the nearly naked, lost shoes were recovered, and potato chips were passed around the sitcom booth.

ack. 3 am is better for sleeping than writing.
the only earth?

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I went downtown this afternoon to have my hair cut. When that was finished, I walked to the public market where the people like to move in slow motion. For a minute, I considered the possibility that I shouldn't be in a hurry. Then I realize that I'm not in a hurry, they are just moving so slowly. They are probably on vacation and don't like to move.

I bought some Rainier cherries and fresh blackberries along with some terrible foods. A slice of pizza and fresh donuts from the cool little machine. I only ate a few of those, because after the first one, they tasted like burning.

I still felt like wandering; so I visited Elliot Bay and found too many things to buy so I left empty handed. The best part of going to Pioneer Square was seeing that the Pergola has been resurrected. When did that happen?
the only earth?

yay for eBay

Today, I got a videotape with all of the episodes of the The Maxx on it. It seemed so much longer the first time around. But it is still a little too much weirdness for one setting.