August 1st, 2002

the only earth?

why sleep when there's google

I read " ... weekly bombings have been occuring in jerusalem for way longer than the last couple years. The news just decides to report on that stuff now because of the 'campaign to market terrorism news'." and was curious about the scale of recent violence in Israel; so I did some quick research. Some of what I found (mostly for my own reference):

the entry for terrorism against israel in the wikipedia links to these stats from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs relating to to victims of fatal terrorist attacks :
  • Declaration of Principles // September 1993 - September 2000 // 256
  • 2nd Intifada // Sept 2000 - present // 593+

    The Palestinian Liberation Organizationhomepage doesn't have similar statistics.

    An article I read last year, Gaza Diary: Scenes from the Palestinian Uprsising in Harper's Magazine.
  • the only earth?

    maybe it's just me

    The Blue Angels are practicing their formations over I-5, buzzing through downtown Seattle. I don't know. For some reason, I find warplanes flying outside my office window a little disturbing.
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    the only earth?

    more fun

    So, on top of the stupid airplanes we had an emergency drill today at Met Park.

    When it started, I was just about ready to leave anyway. No one in our office seemed to think that we needed to leave, I was listening to Modest Mouse instead of the announcements so I decided to wait until the commotion had ended.

    After about five minutes of announcements, some people1 decided that we really did need to participate by walking down a few flights of stairs. I guess no one in our office was very concerned about being burned to a crisp or facing disaster. By the time we'd walked down a couple flights of stairs2, the drill was over.

    I just kept going since I needed to drop some application materials on campus. In any case, I think that's not a bad disaster policy.

    (1) our fire marshals?
    (2) instead of the required four.