July 31st, 2002

the only earth?

look at what I did today

I went to the office for a little bit today. Because the weather had taken on a summer-like appearance again, I sat on the front lawn for lunch. It's one of the few places where there is simultaneously sun and green grass. So much for water conservation.

After a meeting and a few hours of doing unimportant things, I remembered that today was the last day that the Cinerama was showing Star Wars with its digital projector. I ignored the movie when it was released -- I think it was related to all of the lunatics who lined up for months to see it. Not wanting to miss it completely and attracted by matinee prices, I left early to catch the 4 pm showing.

Though I didn't really expect to like it, I enjoyed the movie. As long as you ignore the script and the heavy-handedness, it was pretty entertaining. I actually thought some of it looked a little pixely on the giant Cinerama screen, but I haven't seen the film version for comparision.

After my little escape, I went home, stopping at Solstice to work on write my goal statement for my PhD application. I'm mostly finished, but serious editing is needed. It's due tomorrow; so that's probably what I'll do tonight.

Also: there were a lot of sailors walking around downtown. That was strange. I kept expecting them to get into brawls with the Seafair pirates.