July 30th, 2002

the only earth?

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oh, how I love to return home to german orgy spam:

olgende Mitteilung wurde gesendet von
(hottnews@msn.com) am Dienstag, Juli 30, 2002 um 06:26:45

message: OMG! This site is awsome with orgy pics! you need 2 check it out!

Dante's was nice, but the usual table was occupied by some sort of retirement party. Also, there were bizarro world doppelganger people there. Later, we went to Dick's. On the way home, Leigh stopped at a fraternity where hookah was being smoked on the front porch. At first, Melissa & I didn't know that it was his old fraternity and that he knew the people there; so it was really funny that we were actually getting out to hang out and smoke with them.
the only earth?


I woke up too early, and went back to sleep. I think that's a bad habit that I'm acquiring. I should just suck it up and deal with waking up at the break of dawn.
Anyway, I worked on the content of my thesis at home until I was motivated by hunger to go downtown to work. The power of the El Rey burrito ...

I had to go there to do all the formatting details, since a version of EndNote for Office X has yet to be released. Somehow going through all of the grad school style rules put me in the mood to be done with the first draft. I know there will be a thousand things that need to be done on the next draft, so I just decided to be done with my tinkering for a couple weeks.

Later, I went to Rachel & Niki's for unstructured hanging out. You can tell something about a group of friends when it's necessary to schedule unstructured hanging out time. Really, we aren't that compulsive. It was just a non-trivia Tuesday.

I decided not to go on the three-day backpacking excursion. I think it would be fun, but just not this weekend. I really don't have time to get all of the gear and to prepare for the extreme wilderness expedition.