July 28th, 2002

the only earth?

in summary

I talked to my dad this morning, ran some errands in the afternoon - post office, drug store, thesis writing at solstice, got home, watched a Buffy rerun, and went to Red Robin for Joe's celebration of American things missing from Europe.

I hope it wasn't incredibly annoying that I showed up late and then had Rachel pick me up early for Elya's party. I really didn't expect the events to overlap.

The party was a mix of public health people, doctors, and "real people" (mostly spouses of the other categories). Actually, I think that the public health people were divided into student and employed sub-populations. In any case, most of the people there were really ambitious -- they kept trying to recruit us for a 7:30 hot spring hike. I suppose that's not such a big deal for people accustomed to the MD sleep-deprived training schedule.
the only earth?


Went to the locks to witness sockeye salmon finishing their long swim toward death. The concept of anadromous fish is generally amazing and I found the story of the salmon's circle of life fascinating. Basically, they start their life as little freshwater fish, spend some time in the lake, swim around the Pacific Ocean for a few years, climb up from the ocean to return to the stream of their birth using their sense of smell. When they return to their childhood homes, they change color and shape, dig nests, spawn, and defend their eggs with their lives.
They're semelparous so that's it for them. About one in a thousand makes it through the whole cycle. It seems really depressing that lots get caught by weekend fishermen so close to the end.

Near the entrance of the park, the Fuschia society was holding a gathering. They were soliciting passers by to vote for the people's choice award. I'm a little upset that the winner hasn't been featured on the news. I got the feeling that some people were actually campaigning for their flowers.

Lots of people were playing croquet. I was really intrigued. Did all of these people bring their own equipment and simultaneously decide to play? I don't think I'd ever seen a public display of croquet before today.

After the park, we had some unstructured hanging out. Damian came over with another Catan game. By the time we'd figured out how to play, he had to leave, but the rest of us perservered and it was actually pretty fun.