July 13th, 2002

the only earth?

getting to know you

tonight was the "get to know your fine liquors" party at Carole & Paula's. It's the first in Rachel's book of 101 parties. I am surprisingly not drunk. I think that faced with the table full of good liquors, I subconsciously moderated my consumption.

I am not complaining. I rarely enjoy being drunk. It was a good party and I was really happy to see Seattle people after being away for so long.

I think the moral of the party is that most expensive alcohol is pretty good. Though it definitely wouldn't be my first choice, even scotch on the rocks can be tolerated.
the only earth?

(no subject)

not much to say. i've been terribly lazy today. i think i'll wash some clothes so that I have something to wear next week.

seattle is on CNN for an orphaned orca and camping terrorists. I wonder if that little whale will catch up with its old pod.