June 28th, 2002

the only earth?

feeling the love

i'm officially in love with the trachtenburg family slideshow players. just for the record.

(also with my friends for going, even though it was well past many of their bedtimes and they may not have been as enamored with the performance.)

i think the trachtenburgs are so great not because of songwriting ability or the novelty of their act, but because they really believe in being postmodern folksingers and seem to love what they're doing. they are earnest and rather funny and that translates to a endearing performance. i hope that new yorkers in the audience will check them out when they play shows at FEZ every Saturday in August.

on the way out, i grabbed a handful of slides and got an autograph from Rachel, the nine-year-old drummer, on a selection of color slides titled "The Ginza in Tokyo." Rawk.
the only earth?

leaving, arriving

i'm leaving on a jet plane

(by way of the friendly neighborhood metro bus.)

running late. bye bye rainy seattle / hello muggy michigan.


the plane was usual. leaving through the unexpected rain, much of the flight was in a cloud. there were many children on board who seemed to form playgroups as the flight progressed.

i mostly ignored the world from the last row of the plane by watching Vanilla Sky. Definitely not the best movie ever, but I almost appreciated the full explanation at the end of the movie. Cameron Crowe has a gift for soundtracks that made the whole thing more tolerable.

flying over detroit, there seems to be a carnival or amusement park in progress - strange.


my sister, sarah, picked me up from the airport, and i ate some quality taco bell food on the way home. it's been a while since i had the old reliable bean burrito. after sitting around watching tv, we finally convinced ourselves that sleep was probably a good idea since family fun starts tomorrow morning.