June 22nd, 2002

the only earth?

happy summer

i'm off to the fremont solstice parade! I'm pretty excited since I missed all the madness last year.

I don't know if today is the actual summer solstice, but it's pretty cool that it is being celebrated.

Now if only the winter solstice could be similarly institutionalized ...
the only earth?

here comes the sun

the parade was pretty entertaining. there were huge gaps. people would start to leave, wandering into the streets until parade officials reminded them that there was more to come.

i kept thinking that it was lacking in structure. whenever this thought would enter my mind, i'd mentally reprimand myself. i'm pretty sure that imposing structure on a solstice parade that featured naked painted bicyclists, floats personifying the battle between sperm and birth control, and lots of other inner-hippie themes would be bad karma.

fremont was entirely too crowded. we thought about eating there, but gave up and bought some stuff at PCC and walked to gasworks. we were ultra-sneaky and drank large bottles of cider or beer from grocery bags. whether there are actually open container laws remains unknown.

watching the parade, hundreds of kites, police boats spraying water, seaplanes taking off and landing, i have a feeling that i may have picked up a little sun.