June 20th, 2002

the only earth?

staying in

i gave serious consideration to going to the joe go away party tonight, but realized that i desperately need to be productive tomorrow. today was mostly wasted with a meeting, a migraine, and a bad excedrin trip.

avoiding the possibility of a slightly hungover morning needed to be a priority. anyway, i'm sure he'll have fun in europe without my specific in-person blessing.

okay. about the getting stuff done tomorrow: i should go to sleep now.
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the only earth?

morning routine

I wake up and try to watch the news. Even getting up "early" everything has shifted to soccer-mom or retiree mode. There are thirty-second mentions of the big stories -- wildfires, bombings, and kidnapped girls. The rest is painfully padded -- today's story is the president's fitness initiative. I wonder if anyone has ever put three-minute advice from a morning news broadcast into practice.

If these issues were really three-minute curable, wouldn't have already tackled them?
the only earth?


I went to pick up my mail today from the mailbox that I never check. Papers from two of my classes had been returned to me. I regret taking all of my courses credit/no credit this quarter.

Had i taken them for grades, I would have done rather well. As it stands, I merely received credit.

I tried to study a little bit outside, down by the channel, but to think properly I need to spread out several pieces of paper. The stiff breeze did not agree with that strategy. The geese taking their nearly grown goslings on a hillside excursion were similarly distracting.

I think I'll gather my things and head somewhere without wind or waterfowl.
the only earth?


i think it's too late to take a nap before the england vs. brazil game. i feel like i should be somewhere public, but that would probably be a bar. and that would mean alcohol, which would wear off and leave me sleepy sometime between now and seven am.

oh well.