June 13th, 2002



Insomnia was not as good as I expected from its metacritic score. I didn't dislike it as much as the rest of the group, I think you had to just go along with it. The scenery was breathtaking and the premise was clever. Much of the dialogue was heavy-handed or cliche. Maybe that was the point?

I got home in time for world cup halftime, but both of the games were pretty well settled by that point. I can't believe the US-Poland game is scheduled for 4:30 am. What's the point of our strategic partnerships with Japan and South Korea if we can't get them to cater their scheduling to our sleep cycles?
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bye bye $

after today's techfee meeting, i remembered that fathers day was this weekend. i tried to find something of interest on the ave, but the bookstore and the import shop pretty much failed me.

I ended up buying some new CDs at tower. I don't think my dad has bought a CD in years (if ever), so if he already has the latest from the White Stripes & Wilco, I'll be shocked. I have no idea if he'll like them, but they are both great albums in my opinion.

While I was there, i bought the new Mum CD. As you can see, I'm listening to it now. It is pretty good, but maybe not as good as their other one.

Because I'm such a slacker (and because my family will be at the lake), I had to spring for priority mail. That is some expensive postage!

On the way home, I bought Office for OS X. I'm not sure how I feel about that -- buying an apple and immediately installing Microsoft products. But AppleWorks just isn't doing it for me and I have a thesis to finish.
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