June 12th, 2002

the only earth?


I finished my paper in a timely fashion and this morning's exam wasn't too strenuous; so that was definitely a good thing. My last spring quarter commitment was to be evaluators for another team. That was a little more fun than being evaluated.

After all of that class stuff, I came home and fell asleep for about an hour, which was totally disorienting. When I woke-up I put together a quick critique of the other biostat group's proposal. I hope it was somewhat coherent.

Tonight was supposed to be a return to trivia quiz night Tuesdays at George & the Dragon. It was possibly the best turn out of all time, but alas - instead of a quiz, the featured entertainment was tape-delayed world cup football action. After that, there was some dance-ish music, which totally broke my impression of what an english pub should be about.

We relocated to Cafe Ladro for a little bit and then hung out at Rachel's.
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the only earth?


nothing particularly great to put in this space. didn't do much today other than going to the office for a couple of quick meetings and to do a little work.

the weather is amazing.

tonight there is the possibility of seeing a movie. not a SIFF movie though. they all look too depressing or experimentally chinese for my mood.

it sounds like the choices have been narrowed down to CQ, Insomnia, or The Importance of Being Earnest. I should make a poll and take the decision out of our hands.

so that's it for now. i guess i'll see if the lakers win to end this basketball madness.
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