June 10th, 2002

the only earth?

best intentions

so i thought i'd go to bed early, but then i started watching the world cup. so i don't know if that'll be possible.

at least the time is mostly real.
what's another forty-five minutes?

update:friedel is from mars.
the only earth?


as the clock keeps on ticking, i'm getting the sinking feeling that tonight might be consumed by homework-related activities.

if i'm particularly efficient, i might be able to convince myself to take a little study break in the form of dante's. but maybe not. i do have an exam, a paper, and an evaluation of another group all stacked-up into one little tuesday.

back to the typing phase of the day...
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drinking in the dark

counting down

okay. so I'm back home from dante's early because I have an exam in less than twelve hours. I was on the bus home from the office and just felt compelled to keep going for a couple of extra stops. I think a little break was warranted. It was pretty mellow, so it was totally appropriate.

The people singing karaoke kept getting worse and worse. I think they were undergoing shock therapy. Some girl even made Britney sound good in comparison.

Anyway, I printed all of the handouts, so I should probably start looking at them. I'll do that and let the information sit in my brain while I sleep. It's bound to be well developed when I wake up.

Oh yeah. I should probably proofread that paper that's due at the same time as the exam.