June 9th, 2002

the only earth?


damn. it is not even one o'clock, but i am desperately ready for sleep.

the epi party was not bad for a planned social gathering of academic people. not that it was a rocking party or anything like that, but it was nice to see a bunch of different people in the same place having pleasant interactions.

after that, rachel and i went to the alibi room to stake out a table for paula's birthday. we ended up sitting there for over an hour for the rest of the group to show. it all worked out in the end, but by the end of the night, i definitely felt like i was running on borrowed time.

we thought about going elsewhere, but just decided to call it a night.

maybe i'll sleep past eight tomorrow?

sunday in the park

I slept in a little bit today and spent the morning goofing off and making my room less of a disaster zone.

In the afternoon, I went to Greenlake with the usuals for a picnic. Rachel and I raided Trader Joe's for snacks on the way there. (Guacamango Salsa, among others) Everyone brought great food, so it was a very successful potluck event.

After lunch, some dramatic action-oriented photographs were staged. I think I missed my calling as a director. This degree can just be a fallback.

There were some attempts to play ultimate frisbee, but I'm pretty horrible. After that, we gathered around the army surplus blanket for a rousing game of Therapy: the Second Session.

I can't believe how nice it is outside at this hour.
the only earth?


going to solstice at the end of the day as a last resort to get some weekend homework done introduces the possibility of free muffins when the baristas are ready to go home.

and i was starting to worry about running out of breakfast foods for next week. yikes - i guess 8 am days aren't over quite yet. clinical trials site visit bright and early tomorrow morning.

charles took some pictures of today's picnic.