June 2nd, 2002

the only earth?


when i grew tired of wandering up and down broadway (after the ave), searching for appropriate attire for the apocalypse, i settled on a camouflage t-shirt and some cheesy rock star sunglasses from red light.

when i got home i was really excited to hear that carole, mark, and rachel wanted to go to the party. we met at her apartment, talked to paula, and watched her cat rocking out to music from a VW commercial.

the party was a good time. carole was nice enough to drink with me. rachel and mark were responsible citizens, avoiding potential for intoxicated driving later. i tried to drink enough to be entertaining but not obnoxious.

we left a little bit early since rachel had an early morning today, but i think people had fun and learned important lessons like "all socks have the potential for fire," "it's better to urinate between the two garages than to wait in line," and "be nice to the shot fairy." oh yeah. i think everyone saw people they knew, reinforcing the lesson we all learned long ago in orlando, "it's a small world after all."

and that song is officially in your head, right? sorry.
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the only earth?

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Carole cooked a bunch of us a great dinner using a recipie from Southern Living. While we were hanging out waiting for dinner, we watched the Lakers win in overtime. Most everyone was hoping they'd lose. Some sort of underdog thing.

I'm not really a big sports fan, but I guess I don't see any problem with the same team winning for multiple years. How many championships will this be for Phil Jackson? There must be something to the Zen strategy.

We ate dinner, discussed dinosaurs, and played Crainium. Trying to think of other entertainment, we resorted to passing sentences and then cake around the room. Somehow we resorted to staging humorous photos.

Originally, there was a plan involving hair-cutting, but it never developed. Too bad. For some reason the prospect of spectator ameteur hair styling intrigued me. So many unrealized possibilities for disaster!