May 31st, 2002

the only earth?


wow. friday is over. as usual, fun stuff. meet with my group. hooray. the project is almost over and we're actually almost done so there won't be a lot of scurrying about at the last minute. all the credit goes to our fearless leader. the man with a plan, i guess.

no big friday night plans for me. i think i'll be lazy and read or something equally fun. if there is something great that i should be doing, please let me know. i'm awfully forgetful.
the only earth?

this is it.

so, this is what i did with my evening.

i went home and ate waffles and watched winners.. just as i got back, the red wings were seriously beating the avalanche into tiny frozen pieces. a tiny bit of hometown -- well home state -- pride kicked in. it is really nice for the people of michigan to have at least one dependably decent professional teams.

then the lakers stayed in the series. i am not even a fairweather fan.

now i've drifted to the hbo world. sex & the city. damn marathons. well, also Panic, which seems like it is decent, but I haven't paid enough attention to know for sure.