May 26th, 2002

the only earth?

several updates that should be broken into pieces

Friday night's SIFF-ing went fairly well.

We bought our tickets and went down the hill for dinner. At first we went into the cha-cha lounge thinking that we needed to eat on that side if we also wanted to drink. which we did. I am always up for creating potential for margaritas. The red lights and busy decorations would probably be welcome in a state of drunkenness. We found out that Bimbo's served drinks in the evening, and a table opened so we ate in natural light and non-takeout food.

At dinner, I learned that Doug used to work at Bimbos with famous people.

The movie -- teknolust -- was mediocre. I had to remind myself to think of it as a farce. In that context, it was acceptable. In a way, it was good to see something that I didn't really like just for the purpose of contrast.

After dinner, we walked up broadway to a chocolate restaurant, Dilettante where I had a Schmocalate Shake which is a really good name for a dessert.


I spent yesterday morning trying to de-toxify my surroundings. Laundry and cleaning. At least I have some clean clothes and the bathroom and kitchen aren't completely scary.

In the afternoon, I went downtown to buy some birthday stuff for my mom. If she is reading this, she would know to expect a Everything is Illuminated and candy from See's. The book was a somewhat selfish decision since I want to read it this summer when I'm home. I don't know if she'll like it, but it's a signed first edition of a new author.

I thought that I was being really proactive by doing this early. But when I went to the UPS counter to ship it, the ghost of Memorial Day returned to haunt me -- six days for me equals three for them. The package should arrive on time, but I have very little faith in the UPS system.

Having completed my shopping expedition, I went to Seattle Center to meet up with people for the Folklife Festival. Mostly, this entailed eating some food outside, listening to a little Brazilian music, watching belly dancers, waiting while people tried to win cereal bowls, and retreating to the liquid lounge for various acts. One act was a "wild cellist" who played Smells like teen spirit and a song about freeing the beast. The other acts were better, and we sat in a booth under a giant photographic image of Alanis. I had an expensive citrus-based alcoholic beverage.
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the only earth?

oh yeah

At the folklife festival, some traveling poet was trying to earn money by reciting thirty-second poems. We didn't give him any money. It wasn't really much of a poem -- true beauty, etc. It was too conventional in it's anger.
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the only earth?

thursday bus encounter

After my haircut I was walking back downtown and saw a bus approaching. I asked the guy who was waiting if that bus went downtown. He didn't know, but he proceeded to ask the driver on my behalf. When we got on the bus, he was fairly certain that I was from some country in Europe.

I suppose this wearer of ten gallon hats was trying to be polite. I told him that my family was from the Netherlands. The bus became crowded so I never heard the end of his story about the time that he visited on a boat.

I don't remember why this was entertaining or even interesting. But I've typed it, so I'll just backdate this post and be done with it.
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the only earth?

unified journal project?

Since my computer died last week, I've been sporadically using my old Newton MessagePad. I found a lot of failed attempts to keep a journal on it. Someday when I am ambitious or especially procrastinating I'll have to upload them to this journal.
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