May 21st, 2002

the only earth?


As I sit here not doing much work, I notice the cables obstructing my view and wonder about the proper etiquette for interactions with the window washer.

Am I meant to wave like a child on a schoolbus trying to entice the driver of the semi-truck to sound his horn? Is it more polite to allow him to work without being disturbed? This is one of many things that I simply do not know. Were I a window-washer, I'm not sure that I'd want to deal with all of the people in the building being falsely cheery.
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the only earth?


So here I am, getting ready to have a cup of tea.

I read the back of the envelope: There is joy everywhere in life if you know where to look. In this filterbag for instance

hmmm. that seems a bit optimistic for a blend of black, green and oolong [sic] teas.

I wonder how long it takes the people at the Tazo company to come up with their regularly clever paragraphs. Must they pay marketing people to spend long hours formulating, or are there just a couple idealistic creative types who founded the company?