May 20th, 2002

the only earth?

now and then

This is my second visit to Odegaard ever. This floating floor filled with computers is somewhat disconcerting, yet I like it. Last night I had to go to OUGL to finish my paper. I was surprised by the number of people using the lab late into the night.

I couldn't bring myself to stay at the office all night. I had to watch the not-so-dramatic conclusion of the x-files. I finished the paper and most of the slides late last night and skipped a class this morning to finalize everything in time.

The presentation aspect went okay. I lose all track of time whenever I have to do public speaking. I kept having random moments of panic, worrying that I was running out of things to say. Which was strange. Usually I don't mind.

After class, I brought my dead computer to BestBuy to be repaired. I feel like I should just buy something else as a back up.
the only earth?

bright idea

maybe while I'm in the library, I will check out a book.

Mason & Dixon isn't cutting it for me. A lot of people seem to think that Thomas Pynchon is a genius, but I just don't get it. It is easier than Gravity's Rainbow, but that isn't saying much.
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... to find myself feeling nostalgic for the terminal-based card catalog. i never liked the one made of paper index cards.
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