May 18th, 2002

the only earth?

a day in several parts.

I had a morning meeting with my classmates to continually talk about our project. it went for 2.5 hours instead of 1, but that means less work over the weekend so I’m not complaining. just making note of it so that someday when I look back and wonder what I did on a sunny Friday in Seattle in 2002, I will remember that I was in some strange hidden office in the health sciences building for part of it.

for a few minutes i was outside, walking past sunbathers on my way to the HUB. I spent my two hours inside eating a slice of pagliacci's and drinking a jar of half lemondae half iced tea while hearing a presentation about a new catalyst tool (check it out in the fall -- sounds like student cash well spent.), sorting through proposals, and prioritizing resumes.

another breath of fresh air on the way to the bus to get downtown to finish my abstract for the fall AHA. at least the office has nice views and a coffee shop that makes blended fruit tea beverages. another bonus: being finished with this mini-project.

I went home for a few minutes and then bussed it back into town for Elanor's dessert soiree. she made an incredible number of tasty desserts -- even vegan cheesecake. that is a mark of definite talent.

I had to leave early to catch up with Elena, Rachel, and Carole for Monsoon Wedding. It was a really gorgeous movie, a nice instant emersion in a totally different culture.

that's it. I think I’ll go to bed. the main priority for the weekend will be finishing (and starting) this paper. i think i have about four sevenths of it writtien in my head.

it's due Monday, so there's not a lot more procrastinating to be done...
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the only earth?

i heart i-spy

a good way to observe idiots with internet access: accidentally be subscribed to a listserv. then watch as hundreds reply to the listserv asking to be unsubscribed. watch as the same people reply to the list to complain about other people's requests for removal.

these are people with aol, hotmail, and yahoo! email addresses -- i can't believe they actually take the time to unsubscribe. any time i check one of my addresses at those services, there are a few hundred advertisement messages. it makes me wonder whether these people are unsubscribing to every single spam message. i'll bet they buy an x10 cam every time the window pops-under.

oh. it is getting better. automated out of the office messages are starting to reply to every message. brilliant.