May 10th, 2002

the only earth?

executive summary

This morning I had another meeting with my biostat group. Our group leader is the guy who Really Likes To Talk or Doesn't Know How to Be Concise. Not that I mind. He's doing most of the work for the project so he can talk all he wants.

After that barrel of fun, I went to my favorite committee where we spent two hours being appeased, making decisions, and spending lots of money.

Sometime between leaving my apartment in the morning and returning from the HUB in the afternoon, the blanket of cool air packed up and left town. When I got home, I sat in the grass to read and drink iced tea until the shadows made their way to the edge of my beachmat.
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the only earth?

on the wagon?

just went running / not running / gasping for breath / running for about an hour.

now I’m desperate for a sneeze. I think it's all the flowers in bloom.
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