May 7th, 2002

the only earth?

everything takes a turn for the annoying

this is the point in the quarter where I feel like a time machine would be useful. I would go back in time to tell my idealistic self to stop being so unrealistic. suddenly all of the feelings of "aren't classes fun" and "I like to learn" are turning to "why in the hell do I have three important deadlines in a couple of weeks?"

I had a three and a half hour meeting with my clinical trials group. all of that was to make an outline of our basic question. writing the whole project is certain to be loads of fun.

I thought I had an appointment to have my eyes examined scheduled for 11:30 am. I got out of class at 10:30 and proceeded to kill time by eating a banana muffin at solstice while I read about the evil drug companies. At 11:30, I walked across the street to the friendly neighborhood vision clinic only to find that my appointment was at 11. No more appointments until next week. In my ideal world, I could just go the drugstore and buy some replacement lenses. The optical world would prefer that my eyes rot from wearing these old contacts.
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