May 3rd, 2002

the only earth?


there was an
accident right outside our office. one of the trucks is labeled incident response. i guess they wanted to broaden their focus.

a tow truck flipped over and is blocking most of the southbound traffic. people have been going from window to window to get the best view of the destruction. it is really strange, but it is easy to get sucked-in.

taking turns leaning against the window, attempting to reconstruct the details, this adds a bit of inappropriate excitement to the daily routine. the most intriguing part was the black lab brought to the scene. i think it was just a police dog in training, since sniffing dirt and jumping up on police officers didn't seem to add much to the investigation.
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the only earth?


now a red tow truck is getting ready to tow away the crashed red tow truck. appropriate, i guess. like being removed from the scene by colleagues. the brethren of tow trucks.

or not.
the only earth?


today while I was not gawking, I tried to find an article in the proceedings of the national academy of science that Chris recommended after hearing my presentation. I couldn't remember any of the details, so this complicated matters.

I didn't find the article, but there were some really interesting other things that caught my attention:

Evolution of supercolonies: The Argentine ants of southern Europe { The main supercolony, which ranges over 6,000 km from Italy to the Spanish Atlantic coast, effectively forms the largest cooperative unit ever recorded. }

Curvature of co-links uncovers hidden thematic layers in the World Wide Web { Beyond the information placed by users directly in individual pages, their unified action creates a cooperative meta-information whose location in sin the connectivity of the network. }

Intron evolution as a population-genetic process { Debate over the mechanisms responsible for the phylogenetic and genomic distribution of introns has proceeded largely without consideration of the population-genetic forces influencing the establishment and retention of novel genetic elements. }
the only earth?


Dinners that involve a lazy susan can be a little unsettling if there's too much spinning, but that extra element adds a nice touch.

The place of all this rotation was the Asean Eatery for Gina's birthday. Most of the food was good with the exception of the clay pot tofu with glass noodles. The waitress was very nice and refused to charge me for the entree. I didn't say anything about it being bad, but she noticed that I really didn’t eat much of it. I'm sure it was prepared properly, the glass noodles just seemed creepy.

My fortune was something about having a fun weekend in store. I'm not sure if my pharmaco-epi paper agrees with that diagnosis.