April 29th, 2002

the only earth?


the first day back to normal life occurs in slow motion. I don't know how I’d motivate myself to go to my eight o'clock class if it wasn't for the oatmeal. of course I obviate any nutritional value by coating it with brown sugar and butter. but it gets things off to a good start. clinical trials and sugary breakfast.

the rest of the day was okay. the weather borders on perfect, though i enjoy it only through a window and walking to the bus.

one benefit of being on the mainland -- veggie burritos include beans and rice.
the only earth?

unloading my google list (1)

while away from the internet, I kept a to-google list in my head:
people on us paper currency who were not president: Hamilton($10) and Franklin($100). Hamilton was the first treasury secretary. some crazy people want to replace him with Ronald Reagan.

Salmon Chase (another secretary of the treasury) was on the $10,000, but that hasn't been made since 1946. more money facts
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the only earth?

random memory

whenever I have a cold sore, I remember the time in high school when Mr. Copp asked matt if a cat bit his lip.

this was sophomore year biology, the class of cat dissection, so I don't know if it was meant to suggest necrophilia or bestiality. probably neither, but I find it funny.
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the only earth?


while driving around oahu, i read a little about the forbidden island.

i've said it before: easily amused. anyway, it's just fascinating to me that a rich widow just packed up all of her belongings, children, and livestock and headed from new zealand to hawaii to buy an island for herself. even more amazing: it's still owned by her family. in exchange for housing and food, the residents to run the ranch. no new people are allowed to move there. it sounds completely made-up, but i assume it's true.
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