April 28th, 2002

the only earth?

live again

got home this morning around 6:30. I paid way too much for the convenience of a taxi from the airport. it got me to my bed much faster than hanging around for the bus or using shuttle express.

I’ve slept most of the day. now I need to forage around for some food and try to get some work done. even though it isn't balmy warm outside, it does look sunny. not a bad consolation prize.
the only earth?

sunday void

my hopes that an earlier return to Seattle would be beneficial were overly optimistic. this is about the time that I would have returned and not much has been accomplished.

I pasted pieces of the long text file offline Hawaii livejournal into approximately correct days and times. I hadn't thought of posting the whole thing into a single entry until just now reading about someone else's vacation.

though the rest of the population would classify my skin color as pale, I feel a little sunburned. I’m blaming that for my feelings of being completely knocked out all day. another explanation would be that all of my nutrition in the past twenty-four hours has come from junk food sources.