April 27th, 2002

the only earth?

aerial recap

this morning, I decide to change my flight to tonight's red-eye. this coincides with Nicole’s and makes things much more convenient for me. the cost of changing the flight is about the same as staying the night at a hotel and paying for a taxi to the airport. I could only imagine making use of two or three hours if I stayed for my original flight. with the red-eye, I might get some productivity out of the weekend before I plunge back into the school week on Monday.

we drive to Manoa falls and engage in criminal activities. not exactly. the trail was closed after some tourists died in a mudslide at another waterfall a few years ago. we walk around the fence and ignore the warning signs. it is a pleasant hike that takes us along a river past an amazing bamboo field (?) to a waterfall that cascades down a sheer cliff into a small rocky pool. we don't swim, believing the leptosporosis warning signs probably left from three years ago.

after the falls, we drive to the east side of the island ~ Kailua bay. lunch at "gee ... a deli". yay for clever names of new york style delis. on the way to the car, we pass an elderly man driving his assisted mobility device (imagine the lark, or scooters in grocery stores) through the McDonald’s drive thru. it gets better: the scooter is decorated on all four corners with foam lawn ornaments. they have spinning parts. it is an unbelievable sight. I wish I had a camera to share / preserve the image for history.

Kailua bay is similarly wonderful. I am amazed at the difference between the coasts in terms of beaches. the water is blue and green and the beach is narrow. there are small waves, not really suitable for surfing. still people attempt. one guy uses booties and flippers to swim out about twenty feet. people provide entertainment. a dog digs a hole. a father-son moment is really not so special. outdoor showers are really the greatest.

on the way to the airport we stop at restaurant row for dinner at a cantina. I’ve come to the conclusion that much has been lost in translation to Hawaii. I have a vegetable enchilada that is a flour tortilla stuffed with broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. please.

I’m able to fit my $2 beach mat into my duffel bag. I can't wait to smell my clothes.
the only earth?

30,000 ft

on the plane. babies are screaming. I skipped dinner. now I’m regretting it. I might need to tap into my macadamia nut stash.

yay. Harry potter. an airplane move that I want to see.