April 19th, 2002

the only earth?

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another pleasant grey morning devoted to laundry. how exciting.

I’m trying to neglect my travel-related low-level anxiety. it's not that I dislike traveling, it's just the definiteness of a change of state leaves me a little jittery. I really like being away, just not the preparation for it: planning, packing, making unimportant choices. guessing about the AHA's definition of casual. eek.

yes. please feel sorry for me, I have to go to Hawaii.

this is a pretty cool feature that gives the current playlist for KEXP. nifty.
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the only earth?

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when the weather does a random 180 toward sun and warmth, I find myself feeling a little more in love with the world. Everything looks better with good lighting. Though it was before the weather changed, seeing pro-Palestine and pro-Israel protests co-existing on the HUB lawn inspiring passing people to talk about the middle east contributed to my general sense of well-being for the day. Some constitutional rights are fun.

yeah. While I was walking home I had a few other examples, but then I was summoned to a group meeting for one of may classes and the slate was wiped clean. Now I feel a sense of napping coming on. Which is not as nice as random love for the planet, but not completely awful either.
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