April 7th, 2002

the only earth?

ready to spring forward.

even though I couldn't find my keys, I managed to make it to the Crocodile in time for the new pr0nographers. I'm glad that I went, even though it involved taking the bus and a little bit of walking through potentially dangerous territory. or not.

Listening to those wacky candians, I couldn't help but smile. Maybe it was them dragging random people on stage to play air instruments? I always get a huge kick out of those kinds of antics. And gin. That always hits the spot with a bit of lime and tonic.

Hmm... Can't remember if I posted anything about the movie tonight. Y Tu Madre Tambien was pretty good if you enjoy somewhat exestential, explicit teen sex movies. I see why they decided to skip the MPAA rating. Also hanging out with people and eating pizza is generally a good thing.

Okay. Now I think I'll sleep.
the only earth?

springing ahead

today I slept in because of all of the springing ahead. or maybe because I'm lazy. or both.

this afternoon, I watched Donnie Darko. The moment-to-moment experience of watching it was really enjoyable. I'm not sure if all of the pieces add up to a great movie, but it was definitely worth watching -- intense, hyper-real, well acted, and great looking. Being visually interesting and maintaining mood make up for minor flaws.

It's kind of sad to go through the deleted scenes with the director's commentary. On a couple, he'd say things like, "this really hurt, it was one of the most important scenes in the movie, but we had to cut it to keep it under two hours."

I think I'll try to do some reading as a gesture toward "serious student" credibility.
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the only earth?

changing the channel now

actual lyrics from Aerosmith's "Crazy" : "I feel like the color blue"

I don't know how I never heard that line before. It sounded really funny. This is what I get for leaving MTV2 on all the time. Somehow I missed the transition between the anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death Nirvana special and the Aerosmith pre-Icon festivities.
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