April 4th, 2002

the only earth?

in case anyone was curious

my food of the moment: waffles with nutella and raspberry preserves.

I need to go outside and absorb some ultraviolet light from our friend, the sun.

today looks like a great day for ice cream.
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    the new moby video: we are all made of stars
the only earth?

subject intentionally left blank

Today was such a great day. it seems like it's mandatory to mention it when the weather is this nice.

Being a student is such a privileged existence. It's hard to beat having the option to sit outside and study just because the sun is out. This afternoon I was at Sakamura Viewpoint reading and watching seagulls screaming at geese. I think they wanted to get closer to guy sitting on the shore eating. Sea birds crack me up.

What can I say? I am easily entertained.
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    Owen - You Should Do It Now While It's On My Mind