April 3rd, 2002

the only earth?

and now a word from our sponsor

Wow. today has already been a long day and it's only six thirty. Nearly twelve hours of being awake, two classes and three meetings later, I'm home. It was a great day outside. I grabbed some sushi on the way out of health sciences and stopped to eat lunch on the physics-astronomy lawn on my way to the bus. Vegetable rolls in the sun. Spring is fun.

In product placement news: I am super impressed with NetFlix. I returned my DVDs on Monday and a couple more arrived today. I like it because I never remember what movies I want to rent, so this way I just add to the queue when an movie idea comes into my head. Then, they arrive. Like magic. If only they didn't have all of those ads ...

The blueberry tea (!) from this afternoon is starting to wear off.
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    trail of dead - how near, how far