April 2nd, 2002

the only earth?

here we go again.

I decided to drop a class, so now I have no classes today. What a convenient decision that was.

I'm coming to a rather sad realization that I require some external source of motivation for me to be productive. I can manage to entertain myself for hours with little distractions. This is especially evident when I work from home. Instead of doing something useful, I get great ideas like cooking breakfast, sorting jars of change, or updating my livejournal.
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the only earth?

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oh boy. I’m just about ready to head off to george and the dragon for some Tuesday night trivia hijinks.

random bits of useful knowledge are always appreciated.
[ even better - people with such knowledge ]
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the only earth?

i apologize for the lack of capital letters in this post.

so the relocation from irish to british pub trivia night was an all around success. at least that's what rachel, elena, and i decided on the way home. i think kate and carol agreed. jon didn't show up. i hope he didn't go to murphy's out of habit.

though the dartboards at murphy's will be missed, the smoke and intense quiz lady will not. we even managed to snag a table, which was a definite bonus. on top of that we actually knew more than a few of the answers.

it really cracks me up that such a geeky activity draws so many people -- these things are always so crowded!