March 27th, 2002

the only earth?


yesterday at Murphy's trivia night, when it became clear that we didn't know much of anything we tried to get all of the answers wrong . Even with this effort, we ended up getting five right.

For reference, the state with the 2nd most presidents: Ohio. The president who served the 2nd shortest term: Garfield. 14 elements have a single letter for an abbreviation. Woodrow Wilson: the first president with a PhD.
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the only earth?

contrary to popular belief, paradise would not be boring

Tonight I went to Rachel and Elena's for a passover seder. We got to read religious things out of a Maxwell House booklet -- almost as much fun as the Gideon's bible from hotels! There are a lot of capitalized pronouns in religious texts. that always throws me off a bit.

this post provided helpful insight into the details of passover.

There was some super sweet and tasty wine (kids at home - drop the boone's farm and move strait to Manischewitz wine - it is a huge improvement), salty parsley, bitter herbs, hidden matza, potato latkes, avocado salad, chocolate coins, and speed reading of songs. A good time was had by all.

After dinner, Elena tried to figure out what books have made me cry when I became amused by their heartfelt retelling of Anne of Green Gables stories. I'm not particularly good at those games of emotional revealingness. I think I developed a natural resistance to those things from all the jenna/cindy games in high school.

It was a nice night, so I walked home to get a tiny bit of activity before bed. Now I'm a little sleepy.
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