March 26th, 2002

the only earth?

Tuesday is consumer culture day

Today is the fun day of doing random neglected errands.

This morning I went to Best Buy to order a new battery for my computer. Even though I thought the warranty was a scam, it has pretty much paid for itself a few times over. For some reason, whenever I ride through the suburbs I feel very unsettled. It is completely weird, but the random not-quite strip mall in-between landscape always creeps me out.

While I was at Northgate, I used my last xmas gift card to buy some stuff at target. $7 CDs - phantom planet and starsailor. Sure, these are probably a little sappy or sugary or whatever, but for $7 it is hard to be overly critical. I also bought some new headphones with a swiveling ear clip mechanism that I find super cool. The cord is more fabric-y than plastic. What can I say, I am easily entertained.

Now - it is time for groceries.
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