March 24th, 2002

the only earth?

small accomplishments

today's great accomplishment was completing Moby Dick. It had been sitting on my floor, half-read for months.

As I made my way through the last few hundred pages, I wondered if Melville added all that boring stuff in the middle to get the reader to empathize with Ahab. I think it helped me. After long pointless passages about the day-to-day aspects of whaling, I began to take it for granted that this long journey for a white whale must continue to its bitter end. For me, the unfinished book on the floor felt like the whale that taunts Ahab.

Okay. So I'm done with that and I can move on to something less tedious. Well, not right away -- Tom Cruise is 9/11-ing the Oscars. On with the show, at least it's live. I'll keep my predictions to myself since I'm usually wrong.