March 19th, 2002

the only earth?

an early lunch is the beginning of the end

I made myself lunch today at eleven and it has thrown off my entire Tuesday. The root of all this confusingness was having our last class and group project early on Tuesday instead of Monday. Which left me hungry earlier than usual.

And now I don't know how to function on this day at this time. I think that I don't like routine, but realize that without some imposed structure I become useless.

I know. I will study for Thursday's exam. That will be fun fun fun.
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the only earth?

spilling the stray brainthoughts into this white box

I know I watch way too much television, but wow -- 24 is such a great show.

oh boy, was I productive today or what?

yes. I went to the pharmacy and bought some dental hygiene products, batteries, and a new notepad. Two of these purchases were to improve my studying efficiency. Then I went to the bookstore and bought the new McSweeney's (finally in stock!) for studying distractions. It is really neat -- a bunch of smaller booklets in a heavy cardboard sleeve with a big fat rubber band holding the whole package together.

After that, went to solstice and studied until my brain was full. For dinner, I got some take-out Thai food that came in cardboard boxes called micro-ware. clever, no?

Also - Six Feet Under. Another damn good show. The conversation about Brenda being prepared for death since she was six was really nice.

Time for bed. goodnight now.