March 10th, 2002

the only earth?

what I did tonight

Went over to Rachel & Elena's to play games with a bunch of people. I arrived while they were playing Cranium and glommed on to the losing team. After that, we played Monopoly. I haven't played that in years, and it went on forever.

I did surprisingly well, mostly by offering people lots of cash for their property whenever they were on thre brink of bankruptcy due to landing on high rent spaces. This saved them from certain death and gave me half a chance. Soon the karma wore out and I did not win. The last half hour was just three of us playing so that I could go bankrupt.

Anyway, I made decent progress on paper #1 today, so I felt justified in not being a shut-in tonight. Tomorrow: look out biostat project, here I come.
the only earth?

(no subject)

today - slept in a little bit, did some homework, and caught up with family gossip. I hadn't talked to my mom in almost a month, so she had a lot of news to unload. fun stuff.

this afternoon went to solstice to work on my project -- my theory was that reducing distractions and increasing tasty beverages would provide a good environment for productivity.

at the next table, some guy spent a really long time detailing his mathematical strategies for romance to this girl. I assume they knew each other, but he totally hijacked her studying with this his manipulative formulae. not that I was eavesdropping or anything, he was just close and loud.

now I'm home. I had some tasty falafel for dinner and now I'm slacking again. I can't resist watching the final episodes of the x-files. I figure that I've stuck with it for this long, I might as well finish.
the only earth?

stupid spammers

Every day I get this stupid spam message "Make The Smart Choice - ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS TODAY!".

I don't even know what the point is -- It is not possible to even reply because they use fake addresses. Why do they keep sending them and how can they possibly make money if no one can contact them?
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