February 26th, 2002

the only earth?

and then some

After working (testing testing testing), I started to go to the bus. For some reason, I was inspired to get a haircut. I called ahead, and then to the place where my hair gets cut.

This is what I learn: When you think that taking a bus could save you a little time, don't get on the express bus that takes you seven blocks out of your way. When you tell Dylan the haircutter guy that your hair is getting too long, he cuts it all off. He cushions the shock of suddenly having short hair by saying that it will get me more dates. He also says things like "your hair loves product" and doesn't mean for it to be funny; so it's kind of hard to believe everything he says.

Okay. So that's about it. Nothing of note tonight except this shirt designed for jenna_marie. (don't forget to look at the back).
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the only earth?

another cloudless day

This afternoon, the air and sun were having a little war with me caught in the crossfire. Some spots were warm, others were icy cold. This is my fault -- I refuse to wear temperature-appropriate clothing simply because it's sunny.

Lots of classes today. Much of my in class time was distracted by word puzzles. My classmates are a bad influence... After class, running, reading, and minor time wasting.

Tonight marked the return to our regular schedule of frequenting Irish pubs. They take St. Patrick's Day seriously. Murphy's had a wide selection of pins on sale to commemorate the occasion! As usual we suck at trivia.

Some annoying guy kept talking to us about darts: How he had specialized darts, how we played with the wrong rules, how he was the number eleven player in the greater puget sound region. The thing was, he wasn't exactly friendly, more like a salesperson. It was weird.

We left early. This is probably good. Still time to be a little productive. Maybe.
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