February 23rd, 2002

the only earth?

back from emp

If you happened to see Dismemberment Plan tonight and weren't smiling by the end of their performance, I'm pretty sure that an appropriate description of your heart would be gone or grey. Seriously though, the show was an all-around top-notch event. Dismemberment Plan was thoroughly enthusiastic and genuinely fun to watch. The big finale featured not only a little Jay-Z cover (...that's the anthem, get your damn hands up) but also more than a few bars of the Annie showstopper "Tomorrow".

Sky Church is such an aesthetically pleasing venue. Every few minutes the monorail speeds by and the lights and video wall are awesome. However, it is awful space for crowd flow.

Maybe I'll write more about this later. Right now I'm cold and ready for sleep.
the only earth?

mundane Saturday

Morning frustration: I cannot fry an egg without breaking the yolk. This gets annoying after five attempts, so I give up and scramble the last two. So much for a fun little breakfast adventure.

After this I have the great idea to clean the bathroom. This took considerably longer than I thought it would. I am not careful with cleaning solutions and now my hands feel a tad burned. Nothing disfiguring, and now my life is a little cleaner.

Trillian fixed the AOL compatibility issue, so I was able to chat with Jenna for a while. She has now commented throughout my journal. How exciting (?/!) someone who actually knows me reading this. If only those readers would start their own journals, we'd have a more even playing field.

I think I'll stay home tonight since I spent a little bit too much at last night's Death Cab show. I can't resist a good t-shirt (or two), so no Damien Juardo tonight. Also, I have much to read.
the only earth?

an out-of-order post about the weather.

(this should probably be backdated)

I wanted to note the weirdness of Friday's weather. The warm misty/rainy days are rather charming.

In the morning it was very much like the dorky cartoon postcards of Seattle that show the view for each season as an overcast view of the space needle. Going to the EMP last night, the effect was especially striking. The top of the needle was completely obscured by the low clouds, leaving an unspecified glow over the city.