February 19th, 2002

the only earth?

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{is that the correct punctuation of the holiday? I think it should be that way because the day combines several presidents.}

This morning to celebrate not having an 8 am class, I slept in and cooked myself breakfast. Every time I do this [cooking], I appreciate the job of a short-order cook more and more. It is really quite tricky to get everything ready at the same time -- not to mention making decent eggs. Maybe I'm just not a good cook.

Then I went to the office so that I could get some work done without distraction from the blue glow of the television. For some reason, I'm more likely to stay focused when I'm thirteen floors up with my bed a few miles away. Go figure.

Tonight I went to see a The Prom, Desaparecidos, and Juno at the Paradox. When I got there, the line wrapped from the door around the next block, but I still got in. Having a few minutes to kill, I went for a slice of pizza to burn the top of my mouth.

The show was worth the wait in the rain. The Prom played fun, interesting indie pop. Desaparecidos is Connor Oberst's [of Bright Eyes fame] rock-out band. The last time I saw him perform, he played alone and was the type of singer who appears to be on the edge of an emotional break down. This time he and his crazy Nebraskan companions seemed to be having a great time. They were in complete rock star mode -- screaming, jumping around, general wacky fun. Juno poured out their hearts into a set of exquisite waves of noise. I mean that in the nicest way. I have no idea what their songs are about, but they were loud and gorgeous and generally wonderful. Not bad for a Monday show.

By the time the show was over, the rain had stopped and I decided to walk home. The weather tonight is really lovely. If I were in charge of the weather, it would be like this more often. A hint of approaching warmth, no cold enough for a jacket, but perfect for a sweatshirt.

Bonus. When I got home, I found my The Long Winters CD in the mail.

Tomorrow is my fifth day in a row without an alarm clock. Joy.
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