February 13th, 2002

the only earth?


Last night I was complaining about the Olympic coverage. Now I must eat my words since CNBC is about to show curling!!

Right now they're describing the rules of the game. To make it seem more exciting (!) the piece has some mildly funky-cool music in the background. Aargh. Now commercials, they're keeping us in suspense. After this build-up, they need to show a whole round or else I'll probably die.
the only earth?


The US curling team lost to Norway in the 10th end. Oh, the agony. It is like a dagger through my heart. For about three seconds.

I'm not entirely sure why I [pretend to] like curling. I probably haven't watched a full match (?). But it is such a goofy sport, essentially complicated shuffleboard on ice. Olympic fever, I guess.

Other things that I did today :
  • woke-up before my alarm (again)
  • attended class -- interesting lecture on influenza
  • went to the office and started testing the data-cleaning queries I wrote
  • wrote a nifty program to make pretty output for my analyses. I had this problem in the back of my head for a over week. Even though my solution isn't the most elegant, it is pretty swanky for my limited programming skills.
  • had a GPSS senate meeting. It lasted almost two hours, which I'll admit is a little long. Still, it annoys me to no end when people aren't able to sit through one meeting per month. Perhaps I'm just in peak condition from all of my undergrad days. On Mondays alone I had meetings from 4-10 (biolab, asmsu*2, co-op BoD).

    Some things that I did not do:
  • my homework for biostatistics. That's why there's tomorrow morning.
  • pick up the package that came in the mail today.
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